In 1978 when the first wave of Star Wars figures hit shelves with the Early Bird set who would have thought vintage stars wars toys would command such prices in 2024? Below are 5 of the most expensive Star Wars toys ever sold.

Number 5 

Value £10,000

Power of the force Anakin Skywalker 

This was a very rare carded figure. The last of the 92 released Star Wars figures available as a mail away also. 

In 1985 it was released in the power of the force line with a coin and was only an available in Canada. 

As it never made the USA or European market it is highly sought after.

most expensive Star Wars Toys ever sold

Number 4 

Value £20,000

Carded Vinyl Cape Jawa

The vinyl cape Jawa is a vintage Star Wars action figure released in 1978. It initially featured a vinyl cape, but due to production issues, it was later replaced with a cloth cape. The vinyl cape version is now considered rare and valuable among collectors.

most valuable Star Wars Toys ever sold

Number 3 

Value £40k – £50k

Carded Ben Kenobi double telescopic lightsaber

How many obi wan DT production numbers are not known. There are as little as 20 reported to be found mint on card. What makes this so rare… The first lightsaber was two pieces, with the inner piece telescoping out from the outer piece–it slides out, extending it an additional length. The production costs for this two-piece lightsaber were high, and it was thought that it didn’t add much play value for the cost. The lightsaber change was made very early in the production run to three figures: Ben, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker.

Number 2 

Value £50k – £60k

Prototype Vlix Action Figure

This line of Star Wars figures is based on a character, Vlix, from the short-lived animated Star Wars TV series Droids (1985). It’s particularly sought-after due to Vlix’s obscurity within the Star Wars franchise. Initially, Kenner produced Vlix figures stateside for release in 1986. However, the “Droids” TV series was canceled before Kenner’s figures hit the market, so the company sold the toy’s mold to the Brazilian manufacturer Glasslite. This way, Kenner could minimise revenue losses. Glasslite, though, also discontinued its Vlix line shortly after its late-1980s release for two reasons. Brazil was experiencing economic hardship at the time, and Lucasfilm found out about Kenner’s mould sale after the fact and demanded that production stop.

Number 1 

Value £100,000

Rocket Fring Boba Fett

What else could it be !

The rocket-firing Boba Fett action figure is a highly sought-after and rare collectible. Originally, Kenner had planned to release a rocket-firing feature with the Boba Fett figure in the late 1970s, but due to safety concerns, the rocket was permanently glued in place. However, a few prototypes with the functional rocket have surfaced, making them extremely valuable among Star Wars collectors.