We buy Thundercats Toys

ThunderCats is an American animated series that ran from 1985 to 1989. It was produced by Rankin/Bass Productions based on characters created by Ted Wolf. The show consisted of a total of 130 episodes which were split into four seasons.

In the early 1980’s, LJN was hired to produce toysbased on the ThunderCats cartoon series. One of the most remarkable and novel aspects of the ThunderCats toys created by LJN was the presence of “Battle-Matic” action in them. This feature made each toy perform a certain action when a lever on it was pressed, greatly increasing their playability and popularity among the children. LJN had introduced the Battle-Matic Action feature in their previous toy line, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

LJN manufactured and released the ThunderCats toys in three separate waves. Each new wave introduced newer toys as well as those released in the previous wave. Almost all of the toy packages included a fold-out “Mini Catalog”, featuring all the ThunderCats LJN toys that were produced in that wave. As new toys were introduced in new releases, the catalogs were updated accordingly. The catalogs also featured a number of toys that never made it to production. The backing cards and boxes also contained the catalog images. Apart from action figures, LJN also made vehicles, and playsets.

Sell your Thundercats toys

If you’ve got one or more of the following, we could be interested!

  • Bengali
  • Captain Cracker
  • Captain Shiner
  • Cheetara
  • Cheetara (with Wilykit)
  • Cruncher
  • Driller
  • Grune the Destroyer
  • Hachiman
  • Hammerhand
  • Jackalman
  • Jaga
  • Lion-O
  • Lion-O (with Snarf)
  • Lynx-O
  • Mongor
  • Monkian
  • Mumm-Ra
  • Mumm-Ra (with Ravage)
  • Mummy Mumm-Ra
  • Panthro
  • Pumyra
  • Ram Bam
  • Ratar-O (black)
  • Ratar-O (silver)
  • S-S-Slithe
  • Safari Joe
  • Snowman of Hook Mountain
  • The Stinger
  • Top Spinner
  • Tuska Warrior
  • Tygra (old)
  • Tygra (old, with Wilykat)
  • Tygra (young)
  • Tygra (young, with Wilykat)
  • Vultureman
  • Berbil Belle
  • Berbil Bert
  • Berbil Bill
  • Ma-Mutt
  • Snarf
  • Wilykat
  • Wilykit
  • Astral Moat Monster
  • Tongue-A-Saurus
  • Cat’s Lair
  • Mumm-Ra’s Tomb Fortress
  • Sword of Omens
  • Hovercat
  • Luna Lasher
  • Mutant Fist Pounder
  • Mutant Nosediver
  • Mutant Skycutter
  • Stilt Runner
  • Thunderclaw
  • Thundertank
  • Thunderwings

These are some of the toy brands we’re interested in (all 70s, 80s and 90s toys will be considered)

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