We run the UK’s biggest (and longest serving) individual toy buying Facebook page for Star Wars collectibles and since 2022 have expanded our operation with oldtoystuff.com . We purchase collections from all over the world and have customers from Sweden to the USA.

We’ve bought individual items such as a Luke Farmboy action figure to huge Star Wars collections containing many items. We’ve discovered and bought prototypes, first shots proof cards and merchandise like props from the movies.

So it’s no surprise we are the leading expert in the UK for Star Wars collectibles. This all boils down to being hugely passionate about collecting (and Star Wars in general!).

Having been in the business for many years we feel that we know the market inside out. We look at a rarity, condition (does it have playwear damage etc), packaging (if present) and trends. Today’s highly collectible Star Wars figures weren’t always as desirable before, so it can be said the value of a particular item can depend on industry trends.

People often ask us if we can provide ballpark prices based on descriptions alone, but this is something we never do. It would be like trying to sell a vehicle, sight unseen.

Therefore, when you come to us with good quality photographs, we’ll come back quickly with information about the collection and what we can offer. We are highly competitive on price and because we have contacts worldwide, means we can usually offer more than other collectors. We don’t have fees or hidden costs and cover postage often with a courier service or can offer collection services to suit.

What are your other selling options?

Everyone knows you can sell things on eBay, Facebook as well as other auctions sites, but in addition to these websites charging you a fee, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the best price. Furthermore, you’ll need to create multiple listings, handle all the shipping and insurance yourself and run the risk of time-wasters and scammers.

With Old Toy Stuff, this will never happen. Once we’ve agreed a cash offer for your collection for a price you’re happy with, we take care of everything. If you like the sound of this, get yourself over to our enquiry page and fill out the form uploading pics of your collection.

To get an idea of the Star Wars Toys we buy, have a look at our Star Wars page here. So whether you’ve got a Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker or something altogether different, we’d love to hear about it.